coming clean

2009.01.02 @ 01:32

It's been two years, but I'm still alive! Anyone still out there? Anyone?

2006.12.14 @ 23:49

You know, if I could get over my urge to punch people in the face every time I listened to the lead singer of The Decemberists sing in his not-quite-on-key nasal voice, I think I could really like them.

2006.11.29 @ 01:27

munching on food

My sister and mom flew over to San Jose to celebrate Thanksgiving. The few days before their arrival were a mad rush of minor home improvement projects in an attempt to make my apartment look more presentable. The giant shelving unit surrounding my TV was moved to behind the couch, and I mounted a shelf and some posters to fill up the blank space behind the TV. It's definitely an improvement over the old arrangement; it makes the place look much less cluttered.

I also picked up a nifty laser-level for mounting some framed photographs, in the process rediscovering cats' affinity for fast-moving laser pointers.

Thanksgiving dinner was tasty. My sister roasted a chicken and my mom cooked some vegetables and we picked up a cheap bottle of riesling wine from the supermarket and good times were had.

2006.11.26 @ 23:04

Okay, slight change of winter vacation plans. I'm going to be staying in California with Ada for Christmas and New Year's. I'll still be going to Hong Kong, albeit a month later than originally planned - late-January now.

Sucks that I'm going to miss all the Christmas goings-on in HK :(

2006.10.29 @ 00:03

I'm going to be in Hong Kong for Christmas and New Year's! America Hong Kong, fuck yeah.

And my flight is going to be awesome, too, because Cathay Pacific planes have power jacks in every one of their seats, meaning I'll be able to gadget-whore with the best of 'em using one of these babies. I'm going to set my display brightness to holy shit is that the sun or your screen and spin up the DVD drive while I sleep for no good reason other than because I can.

Anyway, the plan is to fly into HK on the 18th of December or so, and fly out after New Year's, on the 3rd. I'll probably swing by Shanghai for several days to check out my parents' place up there, but the bulk of my time is going to be spent in HK.

2006.09.09 @ 01:03

A day in the life of Horace:
9:00 AMWoken up by kitty attempting to clean me. Mutter a few choice words under my breath, plop kitty outside the room, close the door, and snooze.
9:30 AMWoken up by the leafblowers positioned right outside my window. Give up trying to get back to sleep, and go through my morning ritual.
10:00 AMLeave for work. Give props to a guy for having KPLZTHX as his license plate, but subsequently retract all props after watching him drive like an asshat on the freeway.
10:15 AMGet to work. Check news feeds for 30-40 minutes. Laugh at the trainwreck that is the PS3, after reading about a delayed launch in PAL countries. Scanned articles about the new 24" iMac. Still don't "get" it.
11:00 AMStart punching in code. Pop headphones in, and crank up ... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead
11:05 AMEars bleeding. Need something a little more mellow. The Samurai Champloo soundtrack should do it. Go on a coding spree.
12:00 PMOST finishes. Start playing some choice Mogwai tunes.
12:15 PMReceive an e-mail from our sales guy asking the engineers (my co-worker and I) to provide technical support on a customer call. CEO gets wind of this and RE:'s with something to the effect of "don't bother them; I need them to concentrate on this damn project". The engineers have huge grins on their faces.
1:30 PMCo-worker catches the corner of my eye by gesticulating wildly (I can't hear him). Somehow our discussion degenerates into a heated debate about where user files should logically be organized on a UNIX filesystem. Of course I manage to convince him because I'm awesome.
2:00 PMGrab lunch with co-worker at Denny's. I order steak and eggs -- meal of champions. Lunch conversation starts with Iran's nuclear program, and ends with Bush-bashing.
2:45 PMFinish lunch and get back to work. Lunch sits heavily in my stomach so I need some soothing music. Go, Broken Social Scene!
3:00 PMFood coma, oh shit. Start sucking down peach iced tea (sugary and presumably high in caffeine) like a madman to counteract sudden sleepiness. Seems to work. Amon Tobin time. Code like a madman.
5:00 PMHead downstairs to Starbucks with co-worker to grab a grande black iced tea lemonade. Head back upstairs for more coding. Mogwai, again.
7:00 PMStop by co-worker's cube for a design problem. We come up with a disarmingly elegant solution because we're awesome. Haven't listened to Interpol in a while. This is followed by The Herbaliser.
8:00 PMDinner at Pepper Lunch (awesome teppan place) in Milpitas. We meet up with co-worker's friend. Dinner conversation revolves around work, chicks, and Vegas.
9:00 PMFinish dinner and get back to work. Time for Nujabes.
11:30 PMWrap up the feature I was working on. Commit code changes and head home
12:00 AMGet home and hop into the shower.
12:30 AMUpdate LJ.

2006.07.31 @ 00:44

I went whitewater rafting with my co-workers and his friends this weekend and sunburned the shit out of my knee. The rest of my body was okay though; I guess I managed not to miss those spots when slathering myself in sunblock.

That said, if I ever find the need to entertain a large group of people for a day, I'm definitely going to take them rafting. I think all the newbies (myself included) were pretty nervous because of our guide constantly reviewing procedures for if you fall out of the raft (for the love of sweet baby Jesus, float on your back and point your feet downstream!), but thankfully, none of us ever had to use it. Lunch was excellent (goodness knows I love my salami sammiches), and they let us hop into the river and flop around in the calm sections between the rapids, which was a pleasant way to escape the blazing summer heat.

There were definitely multiple flashbacks to our boat trips in Hong Kong, though, which made me a little nostalgic for younger and freer times long gone. To be able to swim in those warm salty waters again in the company of close friends...

I'm getting my ass flown to Southern California again. Traveling is a lot of fun when you don't have to do it much, but I'm definitely starting to feel a little tired after three trips to various locations around the country (all with less than a week's notice) within a month. Well, hopefully the next few months will be less hectic.

2006.07.11 @ 23:41

peering out the window

The next time anyone suggests driving 900 miles in a day, spending two days at our destination, and then driving 900 miles back, I'm going to laugh in their face and then fly instead.

That said, once Ada and I got out of Ohio and Pennsylvania and were driving through upstate New York, the scenery (almost) made the drive worthwhile. We saw lots of quaint industrial-era towns with tall smokestacks poking out of lush greenery. It's a pity we were pressed for time, or I would've stopped to take pictures. As it stands, the only pictures I took are of kitty and the inside of the car.

I picked up several pairs of awesome shoes, too! Driving and shoe-shopping -- that pretty much summarizes my July 4th holiday weekend.

When I got back from my trip, I noticed that kitty was noticeably more rotund. It turns out that my pet sitter, not realizing that the kitty feeder was automatic, was scooping food from inside the dispenser and pouring it into the food tray. She mentioned that it didn't seem like kitty was eating at first (because he was already full from the automatic feeder portion!), but that after a few days and a bit of coaxing, he was "eating as normal". Meaning that he was finishing both portions. Holy shit.

Needless to say, kitty is currently on a very strict weight-loss program.

Call me immature, but hearing my sister bust out her Will Hunting-esque Bostonian accent still amuses me to no end. Gotta go... pahk the cah.

2006.06.16 @ 01:23

sitting on a box on my desk

Why, hello there.

I have no idea where I picked up the habit of crossing my "z"s. I'm convinced that crossed "z"s are the fruitiest thing ever, but I'm never able to catch myself before I go the extra mile and unconsciously add that ridiculous mark.

I got rid of my PSP after realizing that besides Lumines, there were absolutely no must-have games for it. I suppose it's cool that they ported Katamari Damashii to it, and Loco Roco is nuts in that oh-so-endearing Japanese fashion, but that honestly can't compete with games where you can do mind exercises or cut people open or litigate peoples' asses off.

In addition to being an absolutely gorgeous piece of hardware, it feels a lot more solidly built than the original DS does. A few nitpicks -- the DS's launch menu is pretty frustrating because if you navigate into any of the sub-menus, even if you don't make any changes it forces a power-down. Also, the brightness of the screen can only be controlled by software, which I think is pretty stupid. The PSP has a brightness control button prominently displayed on its face, which is definitely the better way to go.

That said, it all boils down the games on the system, and I'm happy to report that I've been enjoying Trauma Center and New Super Mario Bros. immensely (the former especially, because it's such a creative game). I expect to feel the same way about Phoenix Wright as soon as I can find a damn copy somewhere.

Oh, I picked up Brain Age too, and by picked up I actually mean got for free because Best Buy - in between trying to sucker people into absolutely useless extended warranties - actually came up with something awesome and are throwing in the game for free with any DS Lite purchase. Apparently, I suck balls at those memory exercises but I totally tear shit up in the calculation exercises, so I guess I'm not completely retarded. Partially, maybe.

I'm being flown to Ohio next-next week for a conference (look, look, my poster is even listed!) and a customer visit, which also means that I'm obligated by sibling dictum to visit Ada in Cincinnati. I can't wait to check out my sister's 'hood!

2006.06.03 @ 23:36

A few recent things:

Mogwai concert -- the opening band was freaking horrible, set list could've been a lot better (they didn't play any of the good songs off their older albums), and the ending was a little pretentious (ten minutes of straight-up noise), but on the songs that they rocked out on, they seriously rocked the fuck out. They sound incredible live.

SF visit -- elfiec and Ada were over here visiting, so I went with them on one of their day trips to SF. Met up with Sharon and her BF and had a great time. The real highlight for me during that trip was parallel-parking without drama on an SF-style hill in my stick-shift car. That sounds retarded, but it's a rite of passage for all stick-shift drivers, trust me.


Seattle -- flew over there for ASMS 2006. I know I've said this before, but Seattle is absolutely gorgeous and I'd give any number of body parts to get to work and live there. The show went very well for the company, but I did manage to drop a 50-pound computer on my index finger. My finger is now a strange black-and-blue color. I showed it to my coworker afterwards and he winced and said, "Dude, that's really gross." And he's absolutely right!

2006.05.25 @ 17:31

To the people who've been trying to call my ass this past week (all zero eleventy hobajillion of you), my cell phone is on its last legs and has a talk time of approximately minus one seconds when it's not connected to the phone charger (i.e. it dies when it's ringing). Currently exploring my options, but have yet to pull the trigger on anything.

TL;DR - contact me via other means until I get this shit sorted out.

Dolly Parton

2006.05.19 @ 01:56


Muchas smooches to jezebe1 for hooking me up with tickets after I owned myself on the Ticketmaster website.

Honda 599

My co-worker and I promised ourselves bikes if the company does well this year. He's looking at a Ducati, but my choice is this gorgeous Honda 599, powered by a 599cc 4-cylinder motor. I'm a huge fan of the "naked" (i.e. no plastic fairing) look. Not to mention the paint scheme matches my helmet!

2006.05.11 @ 11:38

Look at what I got from the Valve store!

preying on an unsuspecting sheep

Rawr, and face-mating and stuff.

It's E3 time! I've been following the E3-related news pretty closely, and I'm incredibly excited by all the new stuff that's coming. Well, maybe not all...

Sony are in for all sorts of trouble this time around, especially with Microsoft essentially teaming up with Nintendo against them. It is quite a logical pairing though, since the PS3's stratospheric pricing essentially relegates it to being the sole console in a household (unless you have moneyhats).

2006.05.03 @ 01:28

Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, a Koenigsegg, and a Cadillac DeVille. The American highway system and its wide and expansive roads. Felony speeds. Amon Tobin. Flamboyant Cubans. A cute blonde with a British accent driving a jet-black Diablo. 'Nuff said.

2006.04.23 @ 10:42


In other news, allergies suck.