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Why, hello there.

I have no idea where I picked up the habit of crossing my "z"s. I'm convinced that crossed "z"s are the fruitiest thing ever, but I'm never able to catch myself before I go the extra mile and unconsciously add that ridiculous mark.

I got rid of my PSP after realizing that besides Lumines, there were absolutely no must-have games for it. I suppose it's cool that they ported Katamari Damashii to it, and Loco Roco is nuts in that oh-so-endearing Japanese fashion, but that honestly can't compete with games where you can do mind exercises or cut people open or litigate peoples' asses off.

In addition to being an absolutely gorgeous piece of hardware, it feels a lot more solidly built than the original DS does. A few nitpicks -- the DS's launch menu is pretty frustrating because if you navigate into any of the sub-menus, even if you don't make any changes it forces a power-down. Also, the brightness of the screen can only be controlled by software, which I think is pretty stupid. The PSP has a brightness control button prominently displayed on its face, which is definitely the better way to go.

That said, it all boils down the games on the system, and I'm happy to report that I've been enjoying Trauma Center and New Super Mario Bros. immensely (the former especially, because it's such a creative game). I expect to feel the same way about Phoenix Wright as soon as I can find a damn copy somewhere.

Oh, I picked up Brain Age too, and by picked up I actually mean got for free because Best Buy - in between trying to sucker people into absolutely useless extended warranties - actually came up with something awesome and are throwing in the game for free with any DS Lite purchase. Apparently, I suck balls at those memory exercises but I totally tear shit up in the calculation exercises, so I guess I'm not completely retarded. Partially, maybe.

I'm being flown to Ohio next-next week for a conference (look, look, my poster is even listed!) and a customer visit, which also means that I'm obligated by sibling dictum to visit Ada in Cincinnati. I can't wait to check out my sister's 'hood!
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