Horace (warpdude) wrote,

peering out the window

The next time anyone suggests driving 900 miles in a day, spending two days at our destination, and then driving 900 miles back, I'm going to laugh in their face and then fly instead.

That said, once Ada and I got out of Ohio and Pennsylvania and were driving through upstate New York, the scenery (almost) made the drive worthwhile. We saw lots of quaint industrial-era towns with tall smokestacks poking out of lush greenery. It's a pity we were pressed for time, or I would've stopped to take pictures. As it stands, the only pictures I took are of kitty and the inside of the car.

I picked up several pairs of awesome shoes, too! Driving and shoe-shopping -- that pretty much summarizes my July 4th holiday weekend.

When I got back from my trip, I noticed that kitty was noticeably more rotund. It turns out that my pet sitter, not realizing that the kitty feeder was automatic, was scooping food from inside the dispenser and pouring it into the food tray. She mentioned that it didn't seem like kitty was eating at first (because he was already full from the automatic feeder portion!), but that after a few days and a bit of coaxing, he was "eating as normal". Meaning that he was finishing both portions. Holy shit.

Needless to say, kitty is currently on a very strict weight-loss program.

Call me immature, but hearing my sister bust out her Will Hunting-esque Bostonian accent still amuses me to no end. Gotta go... pahk the cah.
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