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I went whitewater rafting with my co-workers and his friends this weekend and sunburned the shit out of my knee. The rest of my body was okay though; I guess I managed not to miss those spots when slathering myself in sunblock.

That said, if I ever find the need to entertain a large group of people for a day, I'm definitely going to take them rafting. I think all the newbies (myself included) were pretty nervous because of our guide constantly reviewing procedures for if you fall out of the raft (for the love of sweet baby Jesus, float on your back and point your feet downstream!), but thankfully, none of us ever had to use it. Lunch was excellent (goodness knows I love my salami sammiches), and they let us hop into the river and flop around in the calm sections between the rapids, which was a pleasant way to escape the blazing summer heat.

There were definitely multiple flashbacks to our boat trips in Hong Kong, though, which made me a little nostalgic for younger and freer times long gone. To be able to swim in those warm salty waters again in the company of close friends...

I'm getting my ass flown to Southern California again. Traveling is a lot of fun when you don't have to do it much, but I'm definitely starting to feel a little tired after three trips to various locations around the country (all with less than a week's notice) within a month. Well, hopefully the next few months will be less hectic.
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