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A day in the life of Horace:
9:00 AMWoken up by kitty attempting to clean me. Mutter a few choice words under my breath, plop kitty outside the room, close the door, and snooze.
9:30 AMWoken up by the leafblowers positioned right outside my window. Give up trying to get back to sleep, and go through my morning ritual.
10:00 AMLeave for work. Give props to a guy for having KPLZTHX as his license plate, but subsequently retract all props after watching him drive like an asshat on the freeway.
10:15 AMGet to work. Check news feeds for 30-40 minutes. Laugh at the trainwreck that is the PS3, after reading about a delayed launch in PAL countries. Scanned articles about the new 24" iMac. Still don't "get" it.
11:00 AMStart punching in code. Pop headphones in, and crank up ... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead
11:05 AMEars bleeding. Need something a little more mellow. The Samurai Champloo soundtrack should do it. Go on a coding spree.
12:00 PMOST finishes. Start playing some choice Mogwai tunes.
12:15 PMReceive an e-mail from our sales guy asking the engineers (my co-worker and I) to provide technical support on a customer call. CEO gets wind of this and RE:'s with something to the effect of "don't bother them; I need them to concentrate on this damn project". The engineers have huge grins on their faces.
1:30 PMCo-worker catches the corner of my eye by gesticulating wildly (I can't hear him). Somehow our discussion degenerates into a heated debate about where user files should logically be organized on a UNIX filesystem. Of course I manage to convince him because I'm awesome.
2:00 PMGrab lunch with co-worker at Denny's. I order steak and eggs -- meal of champions. Lunch conversation starts with Iran's nuclear program, and ends with Bush-bashing.
2:45 PMFinish lunch and get back to work. Lunch sits heavily in my stomach so I need some soothing music. Go, Broken Social Scene!
3:00 PMFood coma, oh shit. Start sucking down peach iced tea (sugary and presumably high in caffeine) like a madman to counteract sudden sleepiness. Seems to work. Amon Tobin time. Code like a madman.
5:00 PMHead downstairs to Starbucks with co-worker to grab a grande black iced tea lemonade. Head back upstairs for more coding. Mogwai, again.
7:00 PMStop by co-worker's cube for a design problem. We come up with a disarmingly elegant solution because we're awesome. Haven't listened to Interpol in a while. This is followed by The Herbaliser.
8:00 PMDinner at Pepper Lunch (awesome teppan place) in Milpitas. We meet up with co-worker's friend. Dinner conversation revolves around work, chicks, and Vegas.
9:00 PMFinish dinner and get back to work. Time for Nujabes.
11:30 PMWrap up the feature I was working on. Commit code changes and head home
12:00 AMGet home and hop into the shower.
12:30 AMUpdate LJ.
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